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Our Corporate Responsibility Commitment

A Message from William S. Aichele, The Chairman of the Board

Univest believes that shareholder value is enhanced when the Corporation’s solid reputation for civic responsibility and legal compliance is upheld by actively promoting good corporate governance through open, honest, and timely communications that are broadly disseminated.

From the beginning – as far back as 1876 - our corporate culture has been based on the premise that honesty, integrity, and high standards of conduct are critically important. Univest has maintained an outstanding reputation as a financial services provider and strives to attract and retain employees that take pride in performing their responsibilities in a highly ethical manner. Our commitment to these core values remains unwavering.

Univest’s reputation extends beyond our customers and shareholders – it extends well into our surrounding communities as we distinguish ourselves in those markets we choose to serve through extensive community involvement. Our commitment to social responsibility in our neighborhoods goes beyond that of a corporate charitable culture – it envelops a commitment from our employees as well – who clearly make a difference through their genuine involvement in civic and non-profit organizations and community projects.

William S. Aichele, Chairman
Univest Financial Corporation

Officers & Directors